Nanny Au Pair, Maid Cleaner, Driver & Elderly Care Services.

Provides indoor and outdoor services for nannies, babysitters, maids, drivers for Thai and foreign executives, Thai and foreign employees in hotels and restaurants.

Provide nannies, newborn babysitters, babysitters, daily nannies, round-trip nannies, monthly nannies and daily; monthly; yearly and hourly maids.

Service for Cleaning Staff

   ● Cleaning staff in offices, companies, shops, condos, apartments and houses (not including equipment – cleaning products)

 Office Cleaning

   ● Vacuum office rooms and conference rooms

   ● Empty and clean trash cans and dispose garbage at the specified place

   ● Clean tables, chairs, archive cabinets, office supplies

   ● Clean telephones with the antiseptic (alchohol)

   ● Sweep cobweb on ceilings, walls and corners 

   ● Sweep and mob employee areas

   ● Clean tables and chairs in the employee areas

Qualifications for Cleaning Staff

   ● Well-trained for cleaning service

   ● Able to use all types of cleaning equipment and chemicals property 

   ● Have good health without diseases according to the medical examination and have no criminal record

Nanny Service

Service for Newborn Babysitter and Adolescent Nanny

   ● Nanny and maid with Good Command of English

   ● Babysitter for the newborn until the 10th month 

   ● Nanny for 1-year-old child and above with Good Command of English

   ● With professional nursing assistant experience

Service for Staying Maid, Permanent Maids and Round-trip Maid

   ● Staying and permanent maid

   ● The rate for round-trip maid (morning-evening) depends on a daily basis and working hours (as agreed).

   ● Office maid and cleaning staff: 

   ● Cook Assess the price, ability and cooking skills

                             Service for Elderly Care

   ● Take care of the elderly who can help themselves: 

   ● Take care of the elderly who cannot help themselves:

   ● Suctioning, Tube feeding: 

   ● With professional nursing assistant experience:

                                     Qualifications for Elderly Care

   ● Well-trained and have direct experience

  Nursing Graduate, Midwifery or any related course

   ● Have high school education, open for Thais and Filipino, etc.

   ● Good Command of English 


You can ask for further details and request for the quotation 

at 02-108-7687, 087-712-6189



Nanny Services

   ● Nannies are responsible for bathing; cleaning; drying; powdering and dressing the child, prepare nutritious meals according to age development.

   ● Nannies are responsible for feeding food and milk to the child, cleaning milk bottles, doing laundry and separating the child’s clothes.

   ● Nannies are responsible for playing with the child so that the child is lively and take care and enhance the child’s skills according to age development.

   ● Nannies are responsible for observing, preventing diarrhea, (in case the child is sick) wiping the body, performing first-aid and reporting the situation immediately.

   ● Nannies are responsible for cleaning the child’s bedroom, the areas in which the child live and toys on a daily basis.

Maid and Cleaning Staff Service

Clean the house, bedroom, living room, shelves, bathroom, kitchen, common area

   ● Sweep and keep clean the area around the house 

   ● Separate clothes for laundry, iron clothes with the heat appropriate to the type of clothes

   ● Prepare meals, make the table, clear the table, wash; dry and separate utensils for storage

   ● Water plants, sweep leaves, dispose garbage

   ● Open-close the gate, welcome the master in the evening and at night

   ● Serve the master upon request. No use of cellphone during work. In case of urgency, the maid needs to ask for permission from the master.

Office cleaning staff and office security guard delivery

   ● Clean the floor and toilets, wipe the mirror and furniture clean

   ● Desks, office rooms, living rooms, conference rooms, serve the coffee

   ● Keep the floor clean at all times, collect garbage, water plants, sweep the surrounding area

   ● Clean the executive’s room upstairs

Elderly Care Service

   ● Take care of the elderly according to their symptoms 24/7

   ● Take care of the elderly with Alzheimer, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

   ● Take care of the patients from accidents, patients in the special rooms at the hospital and take care of the patients at home

   ● Take care of the patients with paralysis and perform physical therapy for bedsore

   ● Tube-feed the patients, suction, give oxygen, take an enema


   ● Clean, bath and dry, change clothes, change and wash bedsheets; pillow sheets and blankets every day

   ● Clean and keep dry the room, walkway and toilet daily

   ● Prepare food, feed and give medicines before and after the meal as prescribed, talk or read to the patients and always encourage the patients

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