Europe Schengen Visa

The  Schengen Agreement is an agreement between most European countries ratified in 1985. Its essence allows group members to travel without passports. The deal affects 4,000,000 people in 24 countries (21 December 2007), covering an area of ​​4,268,633 square kilometers (1,648,128 square miles). It also grants a provisional authorization to Schengen Visa license holders. ) Have the right to temporarily travel in a member state with a single license According to the Treaty of Amsterdam, all agreements and decisions of the Schengen Agreement become part of EU law .

There are 30 countries that sign this Agreement, including all EU countries. And the other 3 non-union countries is Iceland Norway and Switzerland currently have 26 countries using the Agreement. The UK has not yet implemented this rule. After this agreement was implemented, the checkpoint or immigration fort of the countries belonging to the Schengen Affiliate was dismantled.

Schengen member country

Countries that allow Schengen citizens to travel between them without a passport. And citizens from non-Schengen countries can travel between the Schengen countries with a single license - the Schengen Visa of all member states after additional participation in December 2018. 2008 contains 

Cyprus  postponed its permission for one year. Bulgaria  and  Romania Still in consideration


Documents for applicants

1. Application form and appointment documents For some embassies that require an appointment 

2. Current passport That is not less than 6 months old and old passport (if ever)

3. Original Invitation issued by the relevant office from the country the visa applicant intends to travel to. In the case of staying with a resident of the country or a hotel reservation 

4. Copy of ID card and house registration Ready to translate into english

5. A copy of the birth certificate (if any) with an English translation.

6. Copy of last name change certificate (if any), ready to translate into English

7. Marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if any) with English translation 

8. Travel insurance 

9. Work certificate / leave certificate In the case of being a business owner To bring a certificate of not more than 1 month or a business registration Ready to translate into english

10. Two 2-inch white background color application photos. 

11. Bank accounts for the past 3-6 months and bank statements 

12.Itinerary (should have)


In the event that there is a fee certified person or sponsor, you can directly contact the company for documents at 089-611-7636. 

Visa fee rates Each country is not equal Some embassies can pay by themselves on the day the embassy appointments submit application documents. 


Service fee of 2500 baht is as follows

1. Fill out the application form.

2. Make an appointment for a visa application

3. Check the documents before applying for a visa.

4. Arrange documents before applying for a visa. 

5. Issue an air ticket reservation

6. Translate personal documents, ID cards, house registration   

7. Send email notification list of documents required for visa application. 

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