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Services for internal and external training, mentors, teachers, mentors, housewives, drivers for executives Thai abroad, company employees, hotels, restaurants, Thai children, foreigners

babysitting services, newborn nanny teachers, baby nanny, daily nanny, round trip nanny, monthly babysitter and provide daily maid service, monthly, yearly, hourly

cleaning the office area 

   ●  Vacuum the office area. and inside the meeting room

   ●  Empty and clean the trash. Dispose of rubbish at designated locations.

   ●  Wipe clean tables, chairs, file cabinets, office equipment.

   ●  Clean the phone with disinfectant (alcohol).

   ●  Scrape off ceilings, walls, and nooks and crannies.

   ●  Sweep and wipe the mop on the floor in the staff room.

   ●  Wipe and clean tables and chairs in staff rooms.

cleaning staff qualification

   ●  Trained in cleaning services.

   ●  Use of tools and equipment. The correct use of chemicals in all types of cleaning.

   ●  A person who is healthy. It has been verified that it is not There were no cases against him.

"Comprehensive cleaning service" 

Fees for babysitting and babysitting

   ●  A nanny and a housewife. Able to communicate in English

   ●  Baby sitter during newborns, able to communicate in English.

   ●  Nanny for older children from 1 year old and can communicate in English.

   ●  Professional experience in nursing assistant level 

 Fees for house maids, full-time maids, and round-trip maids

   ●  A housewife works at a regular house. 

   ●  Housewives work round-trip, morning-evening, wages depend on working days and hours (according to agreement).

   ●  Housekeepers, office cleaners, office workers 

   ●  Cooking Chef Appraisal, skill, cooking.

Service fee for elderly caregivers

   ●  I can't take care of myself as a friend. 

   ●  Caring for a savage who can't help himself. 

   ●  Fit-washing, feeding through a hose.  

   ●  Professional experience in nursing assistant level 

Qualifications of teachers, mentors, housewives 

   ●  Trained in working methods. have direct experience 

   ●  High school education, bachelor's degree, both Thais and Filipinos, etc.

   ●  Can communicate in English.


 You can ask for a quote at 02-108-7687, 087-712-6189.


Babysitting services, babysitting, babysitting

  • babysitter It is responsible for bathing the children. Cleanse your body, wipe it, apply powder, get dressed, make and prepare healthy meals. according to each stage of growth
  • babysitter has the function of feeding and give milk for children according to their age, wash the milk bottle, wash, iron the clothes separately
  • babysitter Have a duty to play with younger siblings to make them cheerful and cheerful Caring for and enhancing the developmental skills of children in each age group
  • babysitter have a duty to observe Watch out for diarrhea (In the event of a sick child), wipe the body, first aid. and report immediately
  • babysitter Responsible for cleaning the sister's bedroom. and the area where the siblings live and play equipment of the younger siblings every day

Maid service cleaning staff

  • Take care of cleanliness inside the house, bedroom, living room, showcase, bathroom, kitchen, common area
  • Sweep and sweep the area around the house and outside to keep it clean at all times.
  • different types of washing dried and sun dried Ironing using heat to suit the type of fabric.
  • Prepare food, set the dining table, keep the table and plates and utensils clean, wipe dry, and store separately.
  • water the plants, rake the leaves Put the trash in the right place
  • Waiting to open and close the door of the house, waiting for the boss to come home during the evening and evening.
  • Serve when the boss calls. Do not use your personal cell phone during work hours. In case of urgent matter, ask relatives, bosses

Delivery service for office cleaning staff office attendant

  • Cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning mirrors, furniture
  • Work desk, office room, living room, meeting room, serving coffee
  • Wipe the floor clean all the time, collect trash, water the plants, sweep the surrounding area.
  • Housekeeping work, executive room, upstairs

Elderly care services

  • Caring for the elderly or sick people with symptoms 24 hours a day
  • Elderly, Alzheimer's, chronic patients such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Patients from accidents, patient care, special rooms, common rooms at the hospital, and care for convalescence at the rehabilitation home.
  • Patients with paralysis, paralysis undergo physical therapy and pressure ulcers.
  • Patients with tube feeding, sputum suction, oxygenation, urinary catheterization, feces

The main duty in practice

  • clean, bathe, towel change clothes Change the washing of bed linens, pillow covers, blankets every day.
  • Clean, mop and dry the floor of the room, hallway, and bathroom every day.
  • Cook, feed and give medication before and after meals as directed by your doctor. Or read a book, listen to it, adjust to the patient. and support them all the time