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New Zealand information   New Zealand It is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. About 1,600 kilometers east of Australia, New Zealand is made up of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, which are slightly larger than England. And close to Japan And also has a small island Another number Especially the small islands which are located at the end of the South Island Called Stewart Island ( -Stewart Island,) passport. Ready to copy all pages of the new book And old (if any)


New Zealand The total area of 270,000 square kilometers. The Cook Strait is the boundary between the North Island and the South Island. Which is classified as a country of geographic diversity, as if this small country has collected the area And the atmosphere of many countries around the world in full Because New Zealand is composed of more than 1,700 kilometers of beaches, the blue ocean is still fertile. Including the area that is hot springs, volcanoes, bubbling mud pools, and the very beautiful and wonderful fjords


New Zealand weather It is something very special in this country. It is completely free of pollution and has a daily sun exposure. On average, 7 - 8 hours in summer and 4 - 5 hours in winter.


Most New Zealand cultures have received almost the entire British civilization, the dress will look like the British in the north. Have English as the national language


Electric New Zealand uses 220 Volts ( V) but uses a three-prong power outlet. If using electrical appliances from Thailand, an adapter is required to convert electricity to the same system as the electricity used in New Zealand. Which can be purchased for Adapter both in Thailand and New Zealand


The New Zealand currency is denominated in dollars (( NZ $). A dollar is equal to 100 cents. It is divided into 6 types of notes : $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20 and $ 100, and the coin is divided into four categories: 5 cents. , 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. 1 NZ $ approx. 23 baht.


New Zealand banks operate Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. ATM and credit cards use the same coding system as Thailand. You can also use your ATM or credit card to conduct banking transactions via phone and internet (reference from


Applicant's visa application documents

1. Passport is valid for at least 6 months, current and old one (if any)

2. color photographs measuring 1 inch or 2 inches 2 wallpaper white photos up to 6 months.

3. Copy of house registration And a copy of the national ID card With a phone number at Can contact both home number and mobile phone

4. Form NZ1017, filled out and signed 1 copy.

5. Copy of marriage certificate (if any) \

6. Work certificate of the company working (original) in case of employee Or a copy of the commercial registration In the case of being a business owner

7. Financial evidence By using a copy of a personal passbook for the past 6 months with the first page of account and if there is a second book binding Please copy the first page of account and adjust your passbook at the most current date.

8. Copy of name change certificate (If the name has been changed)

9. Copy of marriage certificate (If a married woman must use)

10. In the event that there is a sponsor or a certified person Must use the form of financial documents specified by the embassy. With personal documents of the person who certified

Time to submit       1 - 2   weeks (can be submitted on behalf)

Fee                  5, 100 baht (The fee is subject to change depending on the embassy)

Visa application place               M Thai Tower, 14th Floor , All Seasons Place   Building 87 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Bangkok

Business hours Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM.             

Visa submission time Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Acceptance time for applying for a visa Monday - Friday from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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New Zealand business visa

·       Documents used for visa application

·       Visa form, complete and complete, click here.

Original       passport Must be valid for at least 6 months, have at least 3 blank pages with old passport (if any).

·       Size color photos 2 inches 2 form, age 6 months (white background only).

·       Certificate of work In the case of being a business owner, a commercial registration certificate must be presented.

·       Financial proof for the past 6 months with a guarantee from the bank

·       Air ticket booking proof

·       Proof of hotel reservation

·       Travel insurance amount not exceeding 2,000,000 baht.

·        Visa form, complete and signed 1 set,
service fee

Visa type

Visa fee, embassy payment

Transfer fee for visa submission

Total expenses

Business visa

3,800  baht

1,000  baht

4,800  baht

Additional information

·          Opening hours Embassy Monday - Friday 09: 00- 12:00 hrs. And 13: 00-16: 00 pm. Tel: 0 2654 3444 Fax: 0 2654 3445.

·          Time visa Monday - Friday 09: 00- 12:00 hrs. And 13: 00-16: 00 hrs.

·          Time for books Visa Mon - Fri 09: 00- 12:00 hrs. And 13: 00-16: 00 hrs.


·          Service rates are subject to change without prior notice.

·          The above-mentioned candidate for passports Thailand.

·          All service charges are non-refundable. In the event that you have been denied a visa from the embassy

·          Documents and time required for visa submission Subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of the embassy.

· The          period of applying for a visa does not include the date of receipt of documents.

·          This rate does not include postage.

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