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    Arna Company is aware that it is important for an organization to improve and strengthen skills of foreign languages. This is because, at present, learning foreign languages is important and tremendously essential in everyone’s daily life. Languages are tools for communication, education, knowledge pursuance and carreers, and build up understanding of cultures and perspectives of the global society, creating friendship and collaborations among nations, and helping learners understand themselves and others better, understand differences in languages, cultures, traditions, thinkings, societies, economy and politics, have positive attitudes towards the use of foreign languages, and use foreign languages for communication, as well as accessing bodies of knowledge more easily and widely and having vision to live and thrive to be a professional workerto efficiently work in particular fields.     


Why Corporate Development ?


1. A country will be developed and a business will grow only when the emphasis is put on the development of human resource because it is discovered that the future of everything, including both the country and the business, is based on the potential and capacities of people in the country and the organization. How much an organization will grow or will generate profit depends on its humn resources. Many leaders have realized, “human is the most valuable resource of an organization,” not technologies or any other thing because technologies can be acquired with money whilst not all “personnel” can be bought because the organization would spend all of its capital (money) to buy all the necessary personnel. On the other hand, the organization will safe a reat sum o money if it develops its existing personnel. In addition, to improve existing personnel enables the organization to retain them more than just to head-hunt.  

 2. Undeveloped human resources obstruct the development of the organization. Consequently, the organization canot catch up with many rivals. To have workforces that have not been sufficiently developed or do not accept the development of work administration that can work against the weapons and tactics of business rivals, and to have personel who avoid development make the company “lost in the jungle of administration.” From all the aforementioned concerns, it is apparent that human resource development is undeniable. Human resource development enables each of the personnel to have more systematic and effective self-development that will affect the overll business as well.



v   To boost or equip the attendants to the training courses with fundamental skills of English language to be used for basic communicatins in certain essential topcs such as Greeting, Introducing, Requesting, Inviting, Apologizing etc; and to be used for presentations for works; and  

v   To create positive attitudes towards English language  in all attendants in order to enable them to become aware of the importance and value of the use of English language for communication, and to become confident to use English language for the communication in their daily lives and careers 

Training Contents


v  The contents of this English course covering English language used in different situations in order to communicate with western people, and in daily life and careers;

v  Learning and teaching activities;

v  Explanation by lecturers and discussions between lecturers and learners or among learners;

v  Practical training in groups and pairs and as individuals;

v  Listening training with audio devices inside and outside classroom and pronunciation practices following native speakers;

v  Workshops inside and outside the Center;

v  Evaluation; and

v  Participation and attention of learners and the exercises and in-class activities

Not only are all the lecturers native speakers with CELTA, TEFL, TESOL or TESL teaching certificate, and experiences in teaching English language to organizations in Thailand.  


Target Groups

v   This English course is for everyone including students who desire to improve their capabilities and skills of listening and speaking English anguage. 

v   The number of attendants to each course must not be lower than XX. (If the number of attendant to a course is lower than the minimum number, the Center reserves the right to cancel that course.)

v   The conditions for the registration determine that the registration fee is XX baht and that each learning section lasts one hour. 

v   The tuition fee is XX baht per hour excluding text books and X% tax. There is no maximum limit of the number of attendants to a course.  

v   The training classroom is the attendants’ organization or any other place as per the agreed conditions. If your school is searching for teachers/lecturers of English language subjects with abundant teaching experiences, who will develop your students’ English language skills, we can serve you as the dealer to supply foregn teachers who are compatible with the levels of your students, i.e., from pre-school level to high school evel.  

English Course Curriculum for Organization



           Each of the following curricula is especially designed to fit attendants of each group/course, which is called a Tailored Made’ course. All teachers/lecturers are qualified native speakers with teaching experiences. The need for English skills of the organization or each group of attendant will be analyzed before the course begins.

The pre-test techniques include Paper Test and Speaking Test.

All training couses, inside and outside the Center, have appropriate prices.

·      Business English Conversation  at Workplace 

·      English for Accounting

·      English for the Automobile Industry

·      English for Banking and Finance

·      English for Cabin Crew

·      English for Customer Care

·      English for the Energy Industry  

·      English for Hotels

·      English for Human Resources Management

·      English for Legal Professions

·      English for Logistics

·      English for Marketing and Advertising

·      English for Medicine

·      English for Nursing

·      English for Oil and Gas Businesses

·      English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

·      English for Sales and Purchasing

·      English for Secretaries and Personnel Administration

·      English for Telecommunication and IT

·      English for Tourism

·      Effective Communication Skills for Meetings, and Presentation Skills  


·       Customer Service (To effectively Deal with Customers)

Ø Service for Customers outside Organization

Ø English Languge for Telephone Communication

Ø Telephone Speaking in English

Ø Meetings in English

Ø English for Socialization

Ø English Writing Skill

Ø English Reading Skill

Ø English Speaking Skill

Ø English Listening Skill

Ø Report Writing

Ø Writing emails in English

Ø Networking in English


Courses of Business English



v  Practical Business English: Stage 1 – Elementary

v  Effective Business English: Stage 2 – Pre-intermediate; Stage 3 – Intermediate  

v  Professional Business English: Stage 4 – Upper-intermediate; Stage 5 – Advanced



Qualifications for Foreign Teachers


v   All foreign teachers who are native speakers will be assihed to teach English language subject and other subjects for the English programs of schools.

v   All the foreign teachers who are native and non-native speakers have good ad comprehensible accents.  

v   All the foreign teahers have been trained on Thai etiquettes and culture.

v   All the foreign teachers can get along with students very well.

v   All foreign teachers have good knowledge of English language or any other subject and are prompted to share their knowledge with students.

v   We have Pillipino teachers with good English accents.

v   We can supply Chinese teachers with experiences from China or Thailand.

v   If you are looking for foreign language teachers (e.g., English, Chinese and Thai) to teach your personnel, we are ready to supply Thai and foreign teachers and design specific courses that meet your requirements in reasonable prices.












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