Arna E-Leaning is aware of the importance of E- Learning Platform online training courses for enhancing English language literacy and skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing for communication in work life and daily life, and for preparedness for the study in a foreign country, which correspond to the era of Thailand  4.0.  This is because in the modern society, to have literacy in foreign languages is extremely important and necessary for everyone’s daily life because foreign languages are key tools for communication, education and profession, which build understanding of cultures and perspectives in the global scales, friendship and collaboration among different countries. Foreign languages also enable learners to have self-understanding and to understand others, to learn about and to appreciate differences in terms of languages, cultures, traditions, norms, ways of thinking, society, economy, politics and governance, to have good attitudes toward foreign languages, to use foreign languages for communication and easier and broader access to bodies of knowledge, and to have visions for living as a professional.

E-Learning means to study on contents or information that are for teaching or training that relies on the presentation of images and texts in combination with the use of motion pictures and sounds through web technologies for dissemination of contents. In addition, the concept of Course Management System is implemented to the management of the teaching of different subjects. Learners will learn the contents through online means which are devices that are connected to computer network systems. Today, I would like to present to you the benefits from teaching and learning through online means.