About Us

Arna Education and Services Company Limited, having the taxpayer ID number 0105557091423, was founded on 1st January 2014. It is an outsourcing company run by a professional team with expertise in consultancy and recruitment for educational personnel with proper knowledge and capabilities. The company has an understanding of human resource recruitment and management to reduce steps, costs and time for management and operation of each department, which will lead to the achievement of the goals and success. The company's services are essential for organizations that need specific skills and expertise.

Why did you choose Arna Education and Services? We can help to cut down the procedure of operations, the capital of management, the procedure of cheap operations, the prompt solution and more privilege in competitions.

(01) VISION 

The services are subject to the international
standards and qualities. We have consecutively
develop our services, worked for customers’ success,
made a good relationship with customers, had
codes of conduct in the operation and been ready
for any changes and the factor, technology, that
changes the world.



We provide the services sincerely under the
international standards and are ready for any

(04) VALUES 

1. To be open-mind for keeping learning,
improving and developing the working
system effectively and professionally. 
2. To provide the services with love and
understand the servicing meaning. 
3. To aim for tasks and be responsible for
itself and other people. 
4. To have teamwork skills and appreciate
goals of the organization. 
5. To be proud of tasks; be transparent, have
virtues and ethics and respect itself and other people


1. To be the best service provider counseling on the
educational, language support and foreign
language program in the country and foreign
countries and further study in abroad 

2. To be the best counselor on the support of
qualified personnel selection 

3. To be the best counselor on the process of
personnel management and the operation of
lowering capital. 

4. To counsel on the study in the country and
foreign countries with correct work permits.



1. To provide the services with love and be responsible
for tasks.
2. To work systematically and in team. 
3. To appreciate goals of the organization. 
4. To be honest 
5. To improve its working to catch up occurrences and customers’ need.